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Dyson is a prominent and leading vacuum manufacturer offering a line of impressive vacuums best recognized for its suction power, bagless cleaning and simple use. The leading vacuum cleaner brand started out as an entrepreneurial venture by founder, James Dyson. A lack of consistent suction power in his own vacuum cleaner led to his innovative cyclone suction power and bagless technology. Today, Dyson is recognized as an innovative vacuum cleaner manufacturer. It is synonymous with luxury innovation, powerful suction and incredible cleaning technology.


How Dyson was developed @ Pinease

We created an interactive and engaging questionnaire

We created an online multi-choice questionnaire that the interested Dyson customer could engage in. The purpose being to educate and create awareness concerning the Dyson V10’s features including its battery life and the areas you could cover in your home in no time! The simple app introduces the Dyson V10 and its capabilities in a truly unique and competitive manner. It has generated insurmountable customer interest in the new cordless Cyclone range. Educating customers about Dyson products through the app will allow the company to engage with their customers efficiently going forward and will continue to build the brand’s credibility for years to come.