National Grocery Retailer


It was in 1869 that the founder of Sobeys was born. Having started as a meat delivery service in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, the business would soon expand to become the nationally recognized grocery chain in Canada. Today the business continues to support smaller, local suppliers and has funded many initiatives including its major focus on the importance of nutrition. Sobeys is recognized for its quality grocery supply and its incredible 110-year history that has led up to it becoming one of the largest supply chain stores in Canada.


How Sobeys was developed @ Pinease

We were able to help them upgrade their business practices to make it more efficient.

We created a seamless app, where vendors could select which sort of the product they would advertise and what equipment they would need for ex. fryer, electric kettle, juicer, etc.
The system we introduced was more efficient and supportive as it helped them select the stores by postal code or city.
Rather than use a manual technique to notify store managers of appointments, we created a digital system in which their appointments could be mailed to the store managers directly.

Our online creation has assisted Sobeys in streamlining its vendor operations, preventing stock confusion and complexities that would otherwise disrupt the promotional process, advertising, and vendor services. This allowed them to innovate their business practices and make room for further growth