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Maybe you’re thinking about having your first one made or maybe, you just need a new, better one. In any case, you should know at least some of the basics about web design.

First of all, let’s face it: a Website is the core of your online marketing activities. If you look at all the marketing channels and techniques, what they actually do is bring visitors to your website. And the main purpose of a website is turning these visitors into customers – in marketing terms, this is called CONVERSION.

Why a Good Website is Important?

Demerits of a BAD WEBSITE!!
A bad website will basically cause you to waste money on other marketing methods because you don’t need more VISITORS if you can’t turn them into CUSTOMERS. So the better your website is, the more visitors are CONVERTED into your customers and it doesn’t really matter whether you sell consumer products online, provide local services or build houses.
Are you hiring an AMATEUR FREELANCER
Many people in the industry call themselves web designers, but they really are just a bunch of geeks with some basic coding knowledge. Of course, without much planning, they will pretty quickly create a website for you with lots of information, photos, contacts, etc. But the question is: “Is that the way to turn the visitors into your customers? Is that what you need?” And the answer is simple: “NO!”
What you have to do is to look for someone SERIOUS about web design. Well, that’s where we come in!
Reliable Hosting
Your website deserves to be up and accessible.
Responsive Design
Compatible with all devices and browsers. Making accessible for everyone.
Mobile Ready
All our websites are mobile ready from the very first day.

About Us

As a comprehensive online marketing solution that aims to help businesses grow, Pinease ensures every business under its wing gets the attention it deserves! Our corporate clients include Sephora, Gluckstein, Canadian Tyre, Hyundai etc. For corporate queries or questions of any kind, contact us here and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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